Advanced Life Support

Advanced life support is a series of life saving techniques and protocols that go beyond basic life support (BSL). It is used to provide immediate medical care to those undergoing cardiac emergencies such as stroke, heart attack, and more. Having advanced life support at your next event can save lives.

At EMS Rescue, we provide advanced life support as part of our emergency services. Our staff consists of professional firefighters, paramedics, and EMTs who are fully trained in advanced life support. They have all the experience and know-how required to use advanced life support to save lives and keep people safe.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Advanced life support (ALS) goes far beyond basic life support (BLS). They are able to administer more medications, and they are equipped with more equipment, such as defibrillators and IVs. Because of this, advanced life support providers require more advanced training. If you need advanced life support (ALS) for your next event, reach out to EMS Rescue.

We provide high quality advanced life support (ALS) at events. Our team are trained and experienced professionals who are ready to provide life saving advanced life support (ALS) at your events if needed. You can count on EMS Rescue to keep your attendees safe.

Rapid Defibrillation

Rapid defibrillation is an incredibly important part of advanced life support protocol. It involves using an automated external defibrillator (AED) to shock the patient’s heart. CPR can keep a patient’s blood flowing, but only rapid defibrillation can restart the heart and get it back into rhythm. 

At EMS Rescue, our teams come equipped with AEDs and the knowledge to provide rapid defibrillation as part of advanced life support. Our teams consist of professional firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics, so they have all the experience required to provide rapid defibrillation and advanced life support when necessary.

High Quality CPR

High quality CPR is one of the most essential aspects of providing advanced life support and emergency medical care. The American Heart Association has standards that must be met for high quality CPR. When followed, these standards—such as the rate and depth of compressions, avoiding excessive ventilation, and more—improve the chances of survival.

At EMS Rescue, we pride ourselves on providing high quality CPR in tandem with advanced life support. We always ensure that we are following all of the high quality CPR standards. We will do everything possible to keep your event attendees safe.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) is another term for advanced life support (ALS). They are used interchangeably, and they both consist of the same set of protocols and techniques. Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) can save lives in the event of cardiac emergencies like heart attack and stroke.

EMS Rescue provides advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) for all sorts of events and occasions. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals, so you can be confident that they can provide advanced life support if necessary. Contact us today to find out more about our emergency medical services.

Ambulance Services On Standby

Ambulance services on standby are a crucial part of keeping your event safe and being prepared. If you need ambulance services at your event, it’s best if you already have ambulance service on standby. It will cut back on response times and help increase survival rates should emergencies occur. 

At EMS Rescue, we offer ambulance services on standby alongside our advanced life support services. Our teams will be ready to respond at a moment’s notice if they are required in the event of an emergency. Contact EMS Rescue today to learn more about ambulance services on standby.