Event Medical Services

Why do you need event medical services? In cases of emergencies, minutes and even seconds can be life or death. An event medical services company like EMS Rescue can decrease response times by 90%, saving lives and keeping people safe.

Using our event medical services can also reduce your risk liability and insurance cost; thus, giving you peace of mind.

But event medical services go beyond emergencies. Having EMS Rescue on-site can help attendees deal with more minor issues. Event medical services also help people feel more safe and comfortable, making your event better.

We offer our services to a wide variety of people and events, including meetings, gatherings, picnics, corporate events, sporting events, team competitions, concerts, recreational events, air shows, fairs, vehicle races, construction and work sites, media productions, vehicles races, and more.

Event Medical Services

At EMS Rescue, we provide the reliable and dependable event medical services you need. We don’t cut any corners, and we always work to keep your attendees as safe as possible. You can be confident that we will keep your event safe.

Our team members are professional firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), so they have plenty of real life experience. Our staff go above and beyond being qualified and are perfectly suited for the job.

Besides providing high quality event medical services, our rates are affordable, reasonable, and competitive. We also offer major discounts for educational establishments/schools, kids sporting events, and non-profit agencies/organizations.

EMS Services

Event medical services and EMS services are essential to keeping your events safe. But don’t worry, EMS Rescue is here to give you the EMS services you need.

We provide first-aid and medical services to all types of events. Our teams come equipped with basic life support (BLS) equipment, and we can custom tailor our teams to suit your event’s needs. EMS to the rescue!

We will be on standby for major and minor medical issues. For the most part, we will be providing BLS/First-Aid at a First-Aid booth/station.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Basic life support (BLS) is a crucial part of event medical services. Basic life support (BLS) involves providing medical care to people with life threatening medical emergencies until they can receive full medical care.

At EMS Rescue, our basic life support (BLS) services will keep you and your attendees safe. Our team of professional firefighters, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) have all the experience needed to provide basic life support (BLS) at your next event.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Sometimes event medical services require more than basic life support (BLS). Advanced life support (ALS) is a set of protocols and skills that go beyond basic life support (BLS) and are used to provide urgent, life saving treatment for cardiac emergencies.

EMS Rescue provides advanced life support (ALS) as part of our event medical services. Our highly skilled and professionally experienced staff are fully capable of providing life saving advanced life support (ALS).

EMT Paramedics

EMT paramedics are one of the key elements of event medical services. EMT paramedics are highly trained at providing emergency medical services. They can provide your attendees with the medical services they need in the case of an emergency.

With EMS Rescue, you can be confident that you will be getting the most qualified EMT paramedics for your event medical services. Contact us today to receive more information about our event medical services.

Onsite Medical Personnel

Onsite medical personnel can help keep your attendees safe, as well keep them feeling safe and comfortable. One part of onsite medical personnel providing event medical services is having a popup tent set-up.

At EMS Rescue, our popups are more than a regular popup. We are equipped with medical supplies, an AED, oxygen, water, ice, chairs, cots, and much more. Our event medical services popup will give your attendees a clear site for all their medical needs, even if they just need a moment to lay down and drink water.

Mobile COVID-19 Testing

In the age of COVID-19, event medical services have expanded to include mobile COVID-19 testing. Thankfully, EMS Rescue provides mobile COVID-19 as part of our services. 

We are fully capable of providing mobile COVID-19 testing services for your event, that way you limit the potential COVID exposure at your event and keep your attendees safe.